The nights on Maria Island are as special as the days.

After a day of walking, relax in comfortable, well-appointed accommodation. Our accommodation is only used by guests of The Maria Island Walk, providing you with exclusive access to this historic home on your Winter Escape.

Bernacchi House

You’ll be staying in the beautifully restored Bernacchi House; a rare, heritage listed house dating back to 1880 which is located within the fascinating World Heritage listed convict settlement Darlington which predates Port Arthur. Enjoy hot showers with beautiful bath products and warm yourself in front of a roaring fire with your new friends and a glass of Tasmanian wine. And after the night’s banquet take a stroll on to the veranda and marvel at the millions of stars and the fragrance of the lavender garden below. You might even see a wombat or pademelon wandering through the garden.
Then it’s off to bed to dream about an experience you’ve had that will last a lifetime.