Walk Back in Time.

UNESCO-World-Heritage-Convict-Settlement-at-DarlingtonMaria Island has a history that makes it one of the richest heritage sites in Australia. Many cultures have once been to the island, including the Tyreddeme Aboriginals, Dutch, English, French and Italians.

Maria Island has also been home to explorers, whalers, sealers, convicts, fishermen, farmers and industrialists, and their influence on Maria Island is still very visible. The World Heritage listed Darlington settlement is beautifully preserved and is one of the best examples of Probation Convict Settlements in the world. The Darlington convict settlement pre-dates the more widely known Port Arthur.

The island was declared a National Park in 1972 and is now home to only two park rangers.

A short paragraph cannot capture the unique and fascinating history of Maria Island. The best way to learn is to visit with us- our guides will be delighted to bring the island’s captivating history to life for you.