Welcome to one of the world’s great walks.

Set on Maria Island, a world heritage listed national park just off the east coast of Tasmania, this multi-award winning four day guided walk is a delightful blend of rare Tasmanian wildlife, spectacular scenery, fascinating history and comfortable accommodation. Small groups of just ten guests and two guides enjoy gentle walking by day and candlelit gourmet dining at night.
Is there a better place on the planet to spend four days? Probably not.


Discover the Maria Island Walk.

Guests walking on a beach, The Maria Island Walk

The Walk

Four days that will last a lifetime.

The Maria Island Walk Winter Escape Experience

Winter escape

Everything about Maria Island is beautiful. Even winter.

Discover Maria’s wildlife

A Noah’s ark of native animals.

Our guides

Our guides

They will make your walk unforgettable.


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The Accommodation

The nights are as special as the days.

Saffire Experience

Enjoy the best of both worlds

Why walk with us

One of Australia’s outstanding experiences.