The nights on Maria Island are as special as the days.

Wilderness Glamping

Our camps are located only moments from the beach, tucked away in the beautiful surrounding forest. They are specially designed to have a small environmental footprint. You’ll fall asleep in a comfortable bed in your own bush cabin to the sound of waves gently lapping nearby and wake to the sound of birds in the forest.

A beautiful experience on its own.

Bernacchi House

The last night on Maria Island is another memory you’ll cherish. You’ll be staying in the beautifully restored Bernacchi House at Darlington, a rare, heritage listed house dating back to 1880. And after a final night’s banquet take a stroll on to veranda and marvel at the millions of stars and the fragrance of the lavender garden below.

Then it’s off to bed to dream about an experience you’ve had that will last a lifetime.